Nylon mesh, pebbles and cotton.

Veronica Lynn Designs

Veronica's fervent interest is the story which is captured and contained in each of her pieces.  Her work is not simply of the "now"--it is of the earth and of the hands of textile workers who have come before her--it is in opposition to the mass-produced, to the disconnect that comes with "new".
Veronica Lynn Graham's commitment to work as an artist has brought her to Hornby Island, and it is this place that nourishes her visually, physically, and essentially so that she is able to create.  Her home island is quite literally contained in her work: she uses pebbles & driftwood tumbled smooth from stormy winter seas, and fleece from sheep who graze the fields.  She has a special talent for transforming her island's discarded textile history.  Veronica is fascinated with using what is found: simple things like string, thread, rocks, driftwood, sticks. She also uses elements like second-hand embroideries and lace--made by unknown hands over untold hours--to create sculpture, fibre jewellery, accessories, and exquisite women’s clothing.